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Casa Belfi - Naturlamente Frizzante

Casa Belfi - Naturlamente Frizzante

Region: Veneto

Grape Variety: Glera

Alcohol: 10,5% vol

Bottle Size: 0,75l


Winemaking: the grapes are crushed immediately and in a gentle manner, and the must is clarified by cold, static decantation. Then the must is fermented in stainless steel tanks with indigenous yeasts. 

Aging: after fermentation the wine remains in contact with the yeasts in steinless steel tanks for 6 months

In Bottle Re- Fermentation: when spring arrives, the wine is bottled when nature is in blossom and according to indication determinated by the Maria Thun byodinamic calendar.  During this period the wine finishes his alcoholic fermentation as the trasformation of residual sugars into alcohol and carbon dioxide takes place. 


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